Congresswoman Nydia M. Velazquez, Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, and Congressman Hakeem Jeffrie

Brooklyn, N.Y., May 8, 2017 - Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries hosted a Brooklyn town hall meeting, today, to organize resistance against President Trump and his agenda.


Held at St. Francis College, Organize Brooklyn is the start of a process to develop a plan of action to protect immigrants, the environment and healthcare from Trump’s ongoing assaults – and to gain Democratic control in Washington, D.C., and Albany.


“People are afraid of what has taken place under this president and are petrified of what else he might have in store,” Rep. Clarke said. “Today we begin turning fear into action, and defeat into victory. That’s what Organize Brooklyn is all about. Let’s get to work.”


Rep. Velázquez (D-7th CD), Rep. Clarke (D-9th CD) and Rep. Jeffries (D-8th CD) today discussed with constituents future national and local elections, the current political landscape and concrete ways New Yorkers can combat the Trump Administration’s policies. Increasing voter registration – and voter turnout – will be key, the members of Congress said at the #OrganizeBK event. Voter turnout in New York in the 2016 Presidential Election was an anemic 57%.

"Donald Trump's extreme agenda threatens our communities - and our constitution – directly,” Rep. Velázquez said. "Whether it is people of color, low-income working families, seniors, immigrants, LGBTQ New Yorkers or women, the policies put forth have been unconscionable, unacceptable and destructive. But, we don't need to take this sitting down. This forum provide an opportunity for Brooklyn to Stand Up, arm themselves with facts and channel their energy into resisting the Trump Administration."


Rep. Jeffries said: “Donald Trump promised the American people a field of dreams, but in his first 100 days he has left them with nothing but a graveyard of broken promises. As a result, we have seen Americans across the country rise up in resistance to his regressive and reprehensible policies.  The people of Brooklyn are no exception.  They are tired of seeing their communities directly threatened by an administration that has been defined by chaos, crisis, and confusion. Stand Up Brooklyn will provide the community with the tools needed to resist the Trump administration and take back our country from those who want to turn back the clock."


Other Organize Brooklyn participants included: Donna Lieberman, Executive Director of the New York Civil Liberties Union (for affiliation purposes); Kory Kozloski, Northeast Political Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; Nicole Powell, Executive Director of NY Indivisible; and Adrienne Lever of Swing Left 


Rep. Velázquez, Rep. Clarke and Rep. Jeffries have held town hall meetings to discuss specific Trump administration policies and offer practical advice that allows people to protect themselves.


However, today’s focus was on how constituents can gain control of Washington, D.C., and state government in Albany.


New York overwhelmingly rejected Donald Trump in November, but one-third of the state’s Congressional delegation is Republican. Republicans have control of the New York State Senate, allowing upstate conservatives to affect the lives of families here in New York City.


The coalition that makes up #OrganizeBK believes that in order for our NYC communities to flourish, those numbers have to change. #OrganizeBK will work to increase voter registration and participation, as important mid-term elections are not far off. 


A broad, diverse electorate reelected President Barack Obama in 2012. A much less diverse electorate in 2014 cost Democrats the Senate and dozens of seats in the House of Representatives.


Organize BK’s objective is to motivate people who already vote to expand their involvement by encouraging their neighbors to vote, driving family members to the polls, and joining political organizations to build strength in numbers. The campaign wants every person to understand that his or her participation matters.


Elections are won and lost by individual votes -  #OrganizeBK believes a small percentage of votes in a few key states could have kept Number 45 in Trump Tower.